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We design responsive websites to reflect effectively the design and the character of the company or business they represent on the internet . A website that evokes human interest, that has a personality to it, is definitely a superior vehicle of communication through all medium. How your corporate brand, image, identity and company culture, needs to be presented online, and what your web site needs to do for your business, are our guiding factors in website design.

DTX Studio headquartered in Chennai enables you to reach a global audience with sites that deliver maximum functionality, communicate effectively in visual terms, and are user-friendly to the medium that they use to view the website.

Advantages of
Responsive design

Over the last few years we have seen a fundamental shift in how people consume online contents . From smart phones tablets to other connected devices means that designing the site to a fixed screen size is no longer a best practice.

Responsive Web Design is about ensuring the user enjoys the best experience possible when visiting the website . Primarily, that involves the minimum amount of resizing and scrolling while navigating the website is it on a desktop machine, netbook, or smaller mobile device .

The techniques of Responsive Web Design enable your users to enjoy simply an optimal experience, and save the hassle from having to create a unique user experience for each user and every device.

Responsive design can also be easily integrated with world renowned content management systems like JOOMLA and WORDPRESS.

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