Mobile Apps

Why do you need mobile app?

It is not only the easy access that adds extra points to mobile-first strategy but also it brings new ideas and prospects to the eventual website development. A mobile-first strategy is highly recommended for all the new businesses as it creates a dynamic and quick impression on the customers and is a more responsive platform. Following the mobile-first strategy for your business can help you reach a massive customer base at a budding stage which will be greatly beneficial in gaining leads for your upcoming physical store or eCommerce website.

Businesses that propose to develop a desktop version first and move on to mobile apps, often end up facing a lot of difficulties including messed up interface, stuffing of irrelevant data and improper CTA placements. But you can avoid this by going with mobile-first strategy as it is simple, flexible and enables the possibility for further developments. According to a worldwide survey, about 83% of customers prefer to use a mobile phone for their online product search and shopping. Hence, the mobile-first strategy is important for your business to gain more customers and sales.

Native Apps

This type of mobile app is developed for particular operating system such as Android or iOS. App developed for Android will not work with iPhones and Vice versa.

Native apps are most recommended one for best performances with latest technologies and multi advanced features.

Native apps are recommended for high performance, more security, faster execution with mobile devices, less bugs, flexibility of having access with device’s full features & the foremost feature of best user experience.

Hybrid App

Hybrid apps are suitable for applications having less features. This type of app is developed to work on multi operating systems i.e. android, iOS. Blackberry etc. It takes less time and cost of development than native app. Our mobile app developers are expert in designing UI (User Interface) with less complication for hybrid app as it runs on multi operation systems.

We recommend our customers this app type for small size featured apps just due to its complication in UI design and development for multi platforms and Operating systems.

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